" I love design just as much as I love development, but I love them together more as a whole then as two separate things. They both inspire the end result that a user or client receives when they enjoy the work I present to them."

We are all connected through the web it is apart of our daily lives.

We work on the web, shop on the web, and even communicate with friends and family on the web.This is what I have to keep in mind when I begin to design or develop

Design is not just a pretty picture that some one creates with paint

or in Photoshop, but is a way we communicate. Have you ever paid attention to such things like a street sign, it is the design like the shape, color, and font that help communicate and direct us. This same idea is what helps me guide a user to what button to click or what form to Fill out.

Sometimes we can't access a computer or we are always on the go,

so to develop and design for mobile devices is very important. Though mobile devices are evolving and becoming more efficient I must always keep in mind developing for the mobile users and I achieve this with great understanding of UI design.

The humble beginning that influence the development of today

With a passion for web development and design I can honestly say that it all began as a teen, with a huge love for video games at that time my passion began with development. I had a deep interest in code whether it was using command line to hack portable game consoles; such as the (Play Station Portable), or editing Myspace css layouts. During this time I was very fascinated with code. I could spend hours trying out home brews and playing around with command line, but when I first started playing with Photoshop, that's when I discovered a new desire.

Though I am not the best at drawing and art wasn't my favorite subject in school it began to change my view of art and design. Have you ever looked at a menu, an album cover, or billboard and took the time to notice the detail in the design. If so like most designers your view and perception on things have been changed by design. In everything I do whether its video, web development, graphic design, or photography my goal is to make something great that both the user and I can both enjoy. This is the reason why I love what I do, to make an impression and to change people view of creativity. I guess you can say I like to do things in a different manner.

I'm always excited to network and meet new people. I believe that no matter whom you meet it can always be a learning experience. As a firm believer of teamwork, I love to work in groups whether big or small, working on new projects, and taking on new challenges is a huge part of what I enjoying doing. Because I love what I do I always stay up-to-date on new technologies whether its programs, code scripts, design trends, or even cool tech gadgets. Keeping up with technology is what inspires me to stay on the cutting edge.

So let use create something great with our skills and talents; who know what inspiration we can create.