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Discover Vegas By Land, Water , or Air.

Want to capture the true essence of Las Vegas, Nevada? Then Grand Parker Tours is the place for you. Here you can attack Vegas head on by land, water, or air and see everything Fabulous Las Vegas has to offer. From sunrise to sunset we offer tours at prime time hours for the best unobstructed views of Las Vegas. Our tours are intended to capture all the beauty and magic of Las Vegas to give our visitors sights they will never forget.

So when the crowds of the casinos and the strip get to be to much for you, come see us and we will show you the other side of Vegas few have seen.

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Featured Tours

Sunrise Helicopter Tour

Our sunrise tours are the peak times to see the majestic Vegas desert and The Grand Canyon as the sun comes up and paints the desert with the early morning sun to give the whole desert a red vibrant appearance few have seen from the air. After passing over the rugged but beautiful Mojave Desert, you will fly over one of the greatest man made structures known to man, The Hoover Dam. While over the Hoover Dam you will here some facts and stories from one of our trained guides on the construction of the dam and how it operates. From there you will land in the Grand Canyon for a scenic brunch next to the Colorado River.

The trip takes about 4 hours, with about 2 hours of flight time, and the rest you are eating brunch and exploring the Grand Canyon. The whole package including your food costs $200 per adult.

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Upgraded Hoover Dam Tour

Take a ride to one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Las Vegas Nevada. Your professional guide will personally escort you throughout your tour to help you make the most of your Hoover Dam experience. On the way to the dam you will stop at historic Boulder City, the stunning Lake Mead, and breathtaking views of the Colorado River. Upon arrival at the dam you will learn how the Hoover Dam was built and its long history. You will be taken through the exhibit galleries and get to experience breathtaking views from the observation deck.

As part of the expanded tour you will be shuttled down to the base of the dam. Your journey will begin at the lower portal road where construction crews were bussed in daily to the construction site. You will also get to see the old de-silting tank, the original gauging station, and the dynamite storage bunkers. From there you will get to see close up views of the Hoover Dam, few people have ever seen before as you take a guided river raft tour. Wile in your raft you will be able to take in the magnificent views of the colorful rocks and sheer cliffs of Black Canyon.

The duration of this trip takes about 7 hours and involves a lot of walking. So wear the proper footwear and since you will be outdoors in the sun for a majority of the day be sure to bring hats and sunscreen. This trip runs all day and costs $300 per adult Children 6 and under are free. The departure time is usually around 11:00am – 12:00am..

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